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      Veteran Emergency Services, Inc. (VES) was founded in January 2013, by William Hartig, a fifteen year veteran of Emergency Medical and Fire Services, and a nine year veteran as a Flight Medic with the US ARMY. During his career in the US ARMY, Mr. Hartig served as supervising medic of specialty treatment teams. As a supervising medic, he was stationed and deployed to remote areas of the globe that have little, or no, medical infrastructure. Mr.Hartig has previously held the position as the Director of Safety, along with the title of Lead Technologist, for Thomas Jefferson's Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center. 

        Veteran Emergency Services Inc. wishes to be known throughout the greater Philadelphia region as the leading provider of Emergency Medical Education, Private Emergency Medical Services, and Private Ambulatory Transportation. All the services VES provides, will be by Veterans of all branches of the military. Veteran Emergency Services believes that good health means more than just physical health. A better quality of life is what we will strive to help our clients achieve.

        In addition to superior medical care, Veteran Emergency Services will raise the standard of Private Emergency Medical Services by ensuring an absolute professional appearance, utilizing quality and strictly maintained equipment and vehicles, and employing highly skilled and dedicated individuals. At VES, we enter an individual's life at a critical point where nothing appears to be going right. Whether someone has just been in an accident, has an illness, requires post-surgical care, or is at the stage of end-of-life care, we treat everyone compassionately.

      At a time when other ambulance and emergency service companies are scaling down, we're betting on the future with new vehicles and equipment that make us the best choice to be your event and medical transportation provider.

      Veteran Emergency Services is pleased to announce that most major insurances are now accepted as well as the creation of our financial assistance program for low-income families and those with other financial hardships.

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more payment options now available

Our fleet is now even bigger

health savings account/plan

      Veteran Emergency Services is excited to announce that we are now able to accept the federal Health Savings Account/Plan as a form of payment for your Medical Transportation copay. No other service in the Philadelphia Region has this distinction. 

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