At the end of the event our staff assists with security sweeps, completes biohazard waste disposal, patient encounter documentation, and restocking medical supply. Part of our job will include cleaning wounds and other tasks that will generate dressings, bandages, and other items that are potentially contaminated with infectious body fluids. VES ensures that this waste is properly collected, stored, transported to our facility, and disposed of within OSHA and other regulations. Following federal privacy laws, we complete a comprehensive patient care report for everyone that is evaluated by our staff. A copy of the patient care report is available for the patient upon request and are also stored for insurance reasons should an issue arise after the event. This reduces your liability while also allowing our clinical review team to ensure continuing improvement of care.

Event services

      Whether you are hosting a sporting event, music venue, movie shoot, school event, fundraiser, corporate event, convention, religious gathering, fair, festival, holiday function, or any other occasion that arises, Veteran Emergency Services has the capability to cover your event with the medical personnel and equipment necessary to ensure an appropriate level of safety for your employees, volunteer, participant, and guests. Below we outline the Event Services process.

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available options

  • Roving Medical Teams
  • Medical Transport / All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Manned Medical Stations
  • Mobile Treatment Centers
  • Mobile Command / Communication Centers
  • Aquatic Event Support / Divers
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Response


      There is much more to providing quality event medical services than just helping someone who is ill or injured during the event. A true, full-service medical solution to your event includes an on-site survey to identify and reduce risks and hazards. One of our event specialists will, with the expertise in the specific type of event, survey every angle to determine what measure should be taken to improve safety and properly position medical assets while satisfying local and state requirements. Following the survey, VES will complete our risk assessment to determine your exact needs for medical staffing, clinical equipment, aid tents, medical communications, transport coordination, and clean-up. Finally, VES will prepare a customized emergency response plan specific to your event.

during the event

      Our staff is dedicated to keeping your event safe. Their expert eyes are constantly scanning for hazards and are ready to spring into action at a moments notice. Our clients can rest easy knowing that each member of our team is properly trained, equipped, licensed, and insured to provide your event with superior medical services. VES staff members may be assigned as stand-alone providers positioned at strategic locations; a roaming medic on foot, bicycle, or transportation vehicle; and lastly, they may be assigned to an Aid Tent. Aid Tents are staffed according to your needs and can act, in many aspects, as a portable emergency room. The location and responsibility of each staff member at your event is part of the custom response plan that was prepared before the event. When an emergency occurs, VES' staff react a moments notice and provide quality care and stabilization. Following the pre-determined response plan for your event, we coordinate extrication and emergency transportation as needed.

toll free 24 hour dispatch 

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Day of the event

      Well before the scheduled time of the event, Veteran Emergency Services' staff are on location and ready for an emergency. It starts with a briefing that covers everything from projected number of participants, hazardous locations/activities, emergency procedures, and mass casualty response. Staff members are given their assignments, communications are established, and all equipment is put into its assigned location.