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First aid supply

      Not every business or facility needs a medical professional on staff to provide care when an emergency situation arises. For these clients, we offer the service of First Aid Supply. Veteran Emergency Services is able to completely outfit your place of work or facility with the most up-to-date Medical Kits, Oxygen Kits, and AEDs on the market while providing a cost-effective way to keep your employees and guests safe.

      There are several options to choose from such as short-term lease, long-term lease, lease-to-own, and out-right purchase. All lease contracts include 24/7 maintenance and restocking of first-aid supplies used in emergencies as well as monitoring of the expiration dates of all medications and perishable supply. Service contracts are available for client-owned equipment. This ensures OSHA compliance as well as a worry-free environment.

      Please contact our office for more information and pricing on our available items and services.

Office:  215-525-1085    FAX:  215-717-4599