Custom routine reporting

      Customized routine reporting helps you accurately track the number and types of incidents which have occurred. Veteran Emergency Services' reporting service helps you monitor trends and identify areas for increased training and improvement as well as help to ensure compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Drug screening

      Veteran Emergency Services provides on-site substance abuse and breath alcohol testing (DOT compliant). All results are documented in a detailed report and are submitted to the appropriate department. If requested, VES will also submit the results directly to the client's insurance company, regulatory agency, or other requested service. Drug and alcohol screening can be for pre-employment, scheduled, random, or after-incident screening.

Medical Response

      An average of 40% of all work-related injuries require only basic first aid. Our objective is to treat employees on-site and release them back to work if possible. On-site first aid treatment is available injured or ill employees and guests. VES will send a certified healthcare professional or ambulance to the work-site to determine the appropriate level of care needed.

      Not every injury or illness needs to be seen by a Hospital Emergency Department and Veteran Emergency Services understands that Emergency Department bills are costly. Therefor if needed, VES will provide transport to an occupational care clinic or urgent care center if the patient's medical condition is not severe in nature. If the injury or illness is severe in nature, emergency or routine ambulance transport to an Emergency Department will be provided.

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